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20 October 2018 – Visiting the Cas Oorthuys Exhibit

Dutch photographer Cas Oorthuys has left behind a huge amount of photographs taken around the world depicting the people and their environment. A humanist like Robert Doisneau, he deserves to be better recognised as such. The exhibit at the Nederland Fotomuseum in Rotterdam is worth a visit.

11 October 2018 – Toronto, Ontario Canada

“Itinerrands” like 50% of the inhabitants of Toronto was not born in Canada. A good reason to enjoy the Indian Summer there… Thank You Leona!


10 October 2018 – Namur, Belgium

“Itinerrands” marching under the fortress of Namur, Belgium, on the tune of “Sambre et Meuse”. Merci Nathalie & Clara!

9 October 2018 – London

“Itinerrands” taking the British sun on the banks of river Thames, just before Brexit. Merci Patrick.

29 September 2018 – NOLA

My book “Itinerrands” taking a walk near Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA. Thank You Ian.

22 September 2018 – Visit at Unseen Amsterdam

7th edition of Unseen Amsterdam this weekend in a magical place, the Westergasfabriek in the Westerpark. Plenty for the eyes, on the walls and around. This year, some remarkable Japanese young artists were featured in the Beyond 2020 exhibit.

Kenta Nakamura – Your Story

15 September 2018 – Beautiful portraits by Koos Breukel

While visiting the Frans Hals museum in Haarlem, stumbled upon some beautiful portraits of Dutch people by Koos Breukel, a photographer born in The Hague.

Pieter van den Blink and his father


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9 September 2018 – Alphons Hustinx Exhibit

A fantastic exhibit in The Hague: Alphons Hustinx – A Traveller’s Perspective. Photos taken in 1932 during a road trip with a friend from Maastricht to Kabul. Additional colour photos taken during the German occupation of The Netherlands

The two first photos are mine!

4 August 2018 – Worldpress Photo 2018 in Leiden

Richard Tsong-Taatarii

Daniel Beltrá

Li Huaifeng

Oliver Scarff

Erik Sampers

Always a great source of inspiration, the yearly WorldPress Photo exhibit, this time in Leiden

14 October 2017 – Peter Martens Exhibit in Rotterdam

A small scale exhibit of Dutch photographer Peter Martens in Crooswijk, Rotterdam. Beautiful pictures taken in the USA and The Netherlands. A nice walk to the place by a wonderful “Indian Summer” day.

12 October 2017 – Fotomuseum Den Haag

Visiting the Peter Hujar exhibit at Den Haag Foto Museum. Active in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s until his death in 1987, Peter Hujar took pictures of his contemporaries, like Susan Sontag and William Burroughs.

Another exhibit left a vivid memory in our minds: the repetitive pictures of Hans Eijkelboom. He took hundreds of pictures of people in the streets of European cities, matching them on clothes patterns or types. Here the green loden.

7 October 2017 – Genesis

Visiting again the Sebastião Salgado exhibit Genesis in Rotterdam is like visiting an old friend… no need to recap, no need to catch up, it is well known territory, immediate understanding and the same awe is there! We can continue where we left it, one year ago, in Singapore. Marvellous setup, breath-taking pictures, really worth the trip. From Africa to Antarctica, from North America to Asia, Salgado’s Genesis pictures have something biblical about them. Our Earth and their inhabitants are just amazing and we should be reminded of that constantly.

7 October 2017 – Bruce Davidson Exhibit

Very big Bruce Davidson exhibit at the Nederlands Fotomusuem in Rotterdam. Pictures from the 50’s to the recent years, from New York to Paris. The famous pictures from his most famous series, from East 100th Street, to Brooklyn Gang, to Paris, to Los Angeles. The social struggles in the USA in the last 50 years. Nothing much has changed today.

24 September 2017 – Visit at Unseen Amsterdam

Unseen Amsterdam is “the leading platform for contemporary photography”. Unseen Amsterdam was returning for its sixth edition at the beautifully rehabilitated Westergasfabriek this weekend. A beautiful vivid show of photographs, combined with a superb Autumn Dutch weather.

More details:

31 August 2017 – Visiting Pearl Gan before her exhibit on Malaria in Asia

Pearl is a compassionate photographer. She is able to establish contact with her models and take the most natural compelling pictures of men, women and children in various Asian countries. The Asia Malaria Images Exhibition will be held between 2 – 29 September 2017 at the Promenade Level 8 of the National Library Singapore, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

14 July 2017 – An article over Singapore Black and White Houses in La Gazette

Photo Courtesy of the Singapore Land Authority

Photo Courtesy of the Singapore Land Authority

The Black & White houses remain a fascinating topic for the expats in Singapore. History, architecture, style attract the people from overseas to these very special Singapore houses. I had the opportunity to help the French La Gazette team illustrate a series of articles about the Black & White houses. The result of this work was published in the July-September 2017 La Gazette magazine.

6 July 2017 – Photos of the party by Albert Sim

Albert is a quiet photographer of a few words but he knows how to look at people in the eyes. it is actually his job to take pictures of people’s eyes for ophthalmologic purposes. In his free times, Albert takes pictures for himself.

3 July 2017 – Sarah and Schooling

The success of the book is due to the wonderful graphic work of two awesome ladies: Sarah Tang and Alison Schooling of Sarah And Schooling

© Albert Sim

22 May 2017 – Shooting B&W Houses

Thanks to SLA (Singapore Land Authority), I have been allowed to go shoot pictures in three distinct empty black and white houses in Adam Park. An opportunity not given to everyone! I am very blessed and thankful to SLA.


































Photos © Gerda Genty de Witt

28 March 2017 – Living and Deads

Taking care of the living by caring for the dead: a visit to a cemetery is always a good way to determine that…

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Go check the portfolio here

26 March 2017

The website works again after its looooong migration from Singapore to France!

The next step will be to modernise it as a 3 year old site is a very very old site in internet terms…

A bit of wisdom and a zest of calm are required.

16 March 2017 – Meeting Lui Hock Seng

Everything started when reading the following article in the Straitstimes:

Mr. Lui Hock Seng is a 80 year old Singaporean cleaner with a special talent: photographer. He has been recording life in Singapore with his camera since the early 60’s. A raw artistic talent and a tremendous historical value, and yet, totally unknown to the public!

I reached out to Venessa Lee, the author of the article, and to my surprise, she answered. I expressed to her my desire to own a copy of Mr. Lui’s “Clarke Quay’s Teochew Market”… it took a while, but here we are and it is simply gorgeous.

Clarke Quay’s Teochew Market © Lui Hock Seng

Venessa organised the gathering at SPH, Singapore Press Holdings this Thursday. Mr. Lui is a delightful, funny and witty, very modest gentleman and a great artist. He took the time to share with me some of his shots and I encouraged him to sort his negatives, to digitise them and to think about an exhibition of his work in Singapore.

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On my side, I pledged to do my best to help him.

I am now the proud and unique owner in Singapore and elsewhere in the world of a piece by Lui Hock Seng, the hidden wonderful artist!

Mr. Lui is still taking pictures with his brand new Nikon, offered by the Japanese company, and still “looking for the weird and beautiful” as he puts it.




13 March 2017 – Meeting Aik Beng Chia

Handing over his latest work about Hong Kong













Aik Beng Chia’s previous work was Sing Kar Por, a great insider account of Singapore.

2 March 2017 – At the World Press Photo 2016 Exhibit

More information:

Photo: Francesco Zizola – Series In the Same Boat Contemporary Issues, second prize stories


Photo: Sergey Ponomarev – Series Reporting Europe’s Refugee Crisis General News, first prize stories


Photo: Anuar Patjane Floriuk – Series Whale Whisperers Nature, second prize singles



Photo: David Guttenfelder – Series North Korea: Life in the Cult of Kim Long-Term Projects, third prize stories






Bhutan by Angeline Teo













Angeline Teo is a passionate photographer whose love lies in black-and-white film photography. In this journal, she keeps a memory of her first experience of Bhutan, a special place where life is simple and the people readily smiles with kindness.

If you are interested, contact Angeline directly.



New Black and White Pictures…















In preparation of my first published book “Itinerrands”. Go check them out…

Trip To Japan


Playing keekaboo with the train conductor in Kyoto

4 very intense days in Japan with Glenn, Hannah and Karin on a photo shoot.

More to come here…