Now a classic, the Unseen festival took place over the weekend at Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam for its 8th edition. An occasion to see multiple facets of the photographic art, from classic black and white to the wildest uses of the medium. Young and old artists are confronting or complementing each other. Connoisseurs, collectors and ordinary people are strolling through the large exhibition area in the iconic gas tank. A surprise this year: the presence of Deck Gallery of Singapore exhibiting several pieces representing Singapore, among which an amazing “Hanging heavy on my eyes” by Ang Song Nian denouncing the haze issue in Singapore.

©Daido Moriyama
©Tokyo Rumando
Cypress Days 1, 2019 ©Yuval Yairi
TARACO, 2018 ©Izumi Miyazaki
Sans Titre (Vietnam), nº6 ©Adrien Boyer
The Knight (I), 2018 ©Jean-François Lepage
False Idol series, 2016-present ©Leonard Suryajaya
Hanging heavy on my eyes, 2019 ©Ang Song Nian
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