In a large exhibit, the museum of Amersfoort shows us what America is today. “This is America Art USA today” gives us a wide vision of the America of immigrants from the South, former slaves, far away from what’s shown everyday on Fox News. From the civil right movement champions now older, to the millennial wrapped in the American flag, from the reenactment of a slave rebellion to fresh immigrants hugging each other, the USA is showing its richness, its openness, its values. Let’s hope that THIS dream will become a reality again, very very soon.

#1960Who ©Sheila Pree Bright
#1960Now ©Sheila Pree Bright
Slave Rebellion Reenactment, performance still 6, 2019 ©Dread Scott
Queer Crisis Flash Collective, 2014 ©Avram Finkelstein
Hugs not walls, 2018, Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, TX ©Monica Lozano
The camps 2019-2020, Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, TX ©Monica Lozano
The war 2008 -2016 ©Alejandro Aragón
The war 2008 -2016 ©Alejandro Aragón
Young Americans ©Sheila Pree Bright
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