A marvellous exhibition of the fascinating Henri Cartier-Bresson’s trips to China in the periods 1948-1949 and again 1958. This very broad display shows a wide range of well-known photographs and also gems never seen before. It also provides an in-depth view on how HCB worked. Definitely worth an extended visit.

An oil workers union walks to administration headquarters to announce their production quotas. Yumen, Gobi desert, August 1958 ©Henri Cartier-Bresson
A simple soul near the forbidden city, Beijing, Décember 1948 ©Henri Cartier-Bresson
Gold rush, the last day of Kuomintang, Shanghai, December 1948 ©Henri Cartier-Bresson
Men exercising in the Tai Miao gardens, Beijing, December 1948 ©Henri Cartier-Bresson
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