The world press photo edition 2019 is upon us. The exhibition is presented in the beautiful Nieuwe Kerk on the Dam in Amsterdam. As usual, our eyes are confronted with a sum of misery, tears, blood, human suffering, absurdity, mal treatment of women and children. But yet, these are the best photographs of events and people around the world. My good friend Thierry calls it “the horror of the world that feeds the photojournalists“. This horror is relentless but, once in a while, there is some hope, like this picture by Iranian photographer Enayat Asadi of illegal refugees waiting to take a ride on a wagon at the eastern border of Iran and where one of the immigrants is comforting his companion. A simple image showing two human beings helping each other.

© Enayat Asada, July 2018
A supporter of Martin Fayulu, leader of an opposition party, runs from police tear gas in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, December 2018 © John Wessels

President Kabila sits in the garden of his ranch in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, December 2018 © John Wessels
The BFF, April 2018, © Brendan Smialowski
Figures representing Ireland’s dark treatment of women line up for social media cameras, May 2018 © Olivia Harris
An orphaned boy walks past a wall with drawings depicting rocket-propelled grenade launchers in Bol, Chad. © Marco Gualazzini
Mennonite farmers in Campeche, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico © Nadia Shira Cohen
A Caribbean flamingo, like a ballerina… Curaçao ©Jasper Doest
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