I never knew about the quaint museum of Hilversum, located in the beautiful building that used to be the townhall of the city. A large exhibition of photos by Belgian artist Lieve Blancquaert titled ‘Circle of Life’ makes use of the circular space on three stories to walk us around the circle of life, from birth to death and again. Date of birth, date of marriage, date of death summarise in few dry numbers our lives. Lives of hope, of suffering, of love, of pain, of tears and laughters. Lives of fun and sorrow, births of children and deaths of loved ones. Lieve went throughout the world, from her native Belgium to China, the USA, Ghana, Mexico, India and other places to show us that despite our differences, we all are human and we all go through the same phases of life, living them differently but none the less experiencing life in a universal way across borders, religions, social status. We are welcomed by a beautiful Japanese lady who invites us with a wink in her eye to enter the circle of life…

Nepal, District Rautahat – 2015, Chandar ©Lieve Blancquaert
Top: USA, Las Vegas – 2015 Terri & Larry, The Gun Store – Bottom: Nederland, Urk – 2014 Nelleke ©Lieve Blancquaert
USA, Las Vegas – 2015 ©Lieve Blancquaert
Indonesia, Sulawesi, Toraja – 2017 Ma’nene ©Lieve Blancquaert
Mexico, Oaxaca – 2016 (fragment) ©Lieve Blancquaert
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