After several months of coronhibernation, it seems that the world has decided to continue turning. FOAM in Amsterdam has reopened its doors and offers a small travel through the 1970’s of Vivian Maier in full colours. Vivian Maier was well known post mortem (she died poor and anonymous in 2009) for her discrete black and white street photography but we can see here a series of color photographies showing an America yet familiar (clothes, attitudes, expressions, black children with fear in their eyes, black men selling cheap items on the street, huge cars passing by) but at the same time an America that is no longer: Those white women with excentric wild glasses, curlers and fancy dresses, tailleurs and white gloves are no longer strolling the streets of Chicago, New York or elsewhere. At that time, Nixon was president and America was undisputed. Its people were living their American dream, mostly unconscious, if not ignorant, of the surroundings. As the newspaper reports: “Bombs saved lives” said Nixon… and they believed it. 50 years later, the black children still have fear in their eyes, black men are still having lesser jobs but those white ignorant people that believe that America is still the way it was are no longer nonchalant and insouciant – and that’s the way it should be.

Untitled, 1956 ©Vivian Maier
Chicago, 1973 ©Vivian Maier
Chicago, 1972 ©Vivian Maier
Untitled, 1973 ©Vivian Maier
Chicago, July 1977 ©Vivian Maier
Chicago, April 1977 ©Vivian Maier
Untitled, 1972 ©Vivian Maier
Untitled, 1973 ©Vivian Maier
Milwaukee, 1967 ©Vivian Maier
Chicago, 1962 ©Vivian Maier
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