A friend of mine, Hugues, made me aware of a passed exhibit I missed because of COVID. It is now a virtual exhibit on the site of the  bibliothèque numérique patrimoniale de la Ville de Versailles, La Sirène. Jenny de Vasson was a rich young woman living in the XIXth century, near Versailles. She was one of the first street photographers, a far predecessor of Robert Doisneau. She did that for fun mostly and left behind a wealth of photographs of her times, the people she met ad the places she visited. This is a wonderful walk through a distance time and space and a new window opened into the past.

Dans la rue, Catane, Sicile, Italie, 1906 © G. Wolkowitsch
Les jumelles, Varennes, Fougerolles, Indre, 1914 © G. Wolkowitsch
Le Carroir Doré – Romorantin-Lanthenay, Loir et Cher, 1904 © G. Wolkowitsch
Dans la rue Montluçon, Allier, 1905 © G. Wolkowitsch
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