There is little to be watched on TV in general and on Dutch TV in particular. There is however this program “het perfecte plaatje”, the perfect picture in which famous Dutch people compete in weekly challenges to deliver perfect pictures. Up to them to decide how to deal with the requirements. Once completed, their work is judged by a panel of photographers and some go through to the next week, some are eliminated. Reality TV is not my thing, but in this case, you follow the photographers in their struggles to find the right subject, angle, light, expression, to realize the shoot, select their pick and receive judgment, The full artistic process is thereby followed. It is interesting and entertaining. The winners of edition 2023 (Spring and Fall) are presented in Museum Hilversum. One only sees the result of the above process, not the process itself. What to think of it? In this case, I came to the conclusion that seeing the person developing from idea generation to realization was more interesting than seeing the actual results without explanations. In any case, an entertaining exhibition of good photographs, probably not all perfect as expected but surely the result of a labor of love by the artists.

In the cage, 2023 ©Loes Haverkort
2023 ©Leonie ter Braak
Oostvaardersplassen, 2023 ©Loes Haverkort