Visit to the newly created street art museum “straatmuseum” in Amsterdam-North in the impressive 7,000 m2 building of the former Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (NDSM) shipbuilding company. A perfect location for such a collection of art. The high ceilings make the large paintings look small. with inspiration in comics and photography, but also in history, travels, personal experience, the various collection from all over the world is deployed in a street-like fashion. the visitor walks from street to street among the panels. I was particularly impressed by “Super Nurse” by Fake (Netherlands) and by “My death dream” by Cix (Mexico) inspired by the Mayan culture. ”La deriva” by Morcky (Italy) depicts the end of a love story that occurred in Amsterdam and Helen Proctor (USA) shows us a mountain landscape of Les Alpilles. A very nice experience in this new place, relatively remote and very quiet because of the current restrictions in place.

Yuansu (2017) ©Fin DAC
It is what it is (2018) ©Ben Slow
Cubana contemporánea (2020) ©Tymon de Laat
La contemplación (2018) ©Entes
La deriva (2017) ©Morcky
Les Alpilles – mountain landscape (2020) ©Helen Proctor
Super Nurse (2020) ©Fake
My death dream (2017) ©Cix
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