William Rutten has a very full address book. He knows everyone and eveyone knows him. His exhibition at the very active Museum Hilversum tells it all: he photographs Icons and his photographs are icons. From The Netherlands to the USA and across Europe and Asia, Rutten’s camera captures the essence of people. His approach is simple: a small corner of his house-studio has the best light: that will be the place where he will squeeze in the artist to take their portrait. Museum Hilversum provides a large overview of his oeuvre, spanning over 35 years. Rutten is rooted in our collective memory and his photographs provide not only a delight for the eyes but also a trip through our own history.

Lady Gaga ©William Rutten
Chantal Janzen ©William Rutten
Adele ©William Rutten
Thé Lau ©William Rutten
Oprah Winfrey ©William Rutten
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