Mark’s visit was the right occasion for another visit of the World Press Photo exhibit 2023 before it was too late. Year after year, new generations of photographers tell stories about pain, sorrow, blood, disasters and sometimes hope. Musuk Nolte took pictures of workers, in full gear, dealing with the environmental disaster caused by an oil spill at a Repsol refinery. A young Simone Tramonte took happy bathers near a huge off-shore wind farm in Danemark, co-owned by thousands of electricity consumers. Mads Nilsen shows us a stunning contrast in Afghanistan: a very well lit bakery guarded by a standing man while women in full blue burka are sitting to the left, in the darkness of the night in Kabul. Anush Babjanyan was awarded a long term project award for documenting battered waters in Central Asia. The red colour looks unreal for healthy waters. Ahmad Halabisaz documents the fight of women in Iran, represented by a single young woman, fiercely sitting on a chair in front of a busy square in Tehran. Jonathan Fontaine went to Somalia to report on the lives of the refugees there. A single woman, Samira, facing a large number of small tents in the desert, epitomizes the Nomad’s final journey because of droughts and wars in the region. Chad Ajamian reported on the floods in Australia, using the technique of infra-red, giving more unreal pictures.

Oil Spill in Lima, Playa Cavero, Peru 21 January 2022 ©Musuk Nolte
Amager Strand, Denmark 13 July 2021 ©Simone Tramonte
Women and Children begging for bread in Central Kabul, Afghanistan, 14 July 2022 ©Mads Nilsen
Silt in the Amu Darya in Uzbekistan, 28 October 2019 ©Anish Babajanyan
Untitled, 27 December 2022 ©Ahmad Halabisaz
Samira at Qolodo Camp, Somalia, 16 May 2022 ©Jonathan Fontaine
A flooded forest in Mungindi, New South Wales, 19 April 2021 ©Chad Ajamian