Alex Timmermans calls himself an alchemist. A mixture between technique and magic, art and precision of an intricate work. He works with the old fashioned wet plate process, collodium photography. To tell us his stories with a special quirky humour, he will spend long hours setting up his antique camera, lighting, model, plate. The result is that of a one-of-a-kind photographer. Small stories, tongue in chick. with some British humour and the same enigmatic character. The viewer needs to pay some attention to the details and relate to the titles. The situations depicted give a smile, a laughter. He is my coup de ❤️ of the day. I particularly liked his butler delivering a drink in style, attentive, at the wheel of his high speed racing car, or the angel taking a rest in a chaise longue. I also enjoyed his “Fleeing Brexit” shot.

Born to be wild, 2017 ©Alex Timmermans
Heavenly Temptation, 2017 ©Alex Timmermans
Fleeing Brexit, 2017 ©Alex Timmermans
Cafe Racer, 2017 ©Alex Timmermans