Haute Photographie has become a regular event in the world of photography, a unique international photography fair: once organized in Rotterdam and once in Amsterdam. The latest edition has taken place from September 20 to 24, 2023, in Amsterdam Noord, featuring an impressive lineup of over fifty (inter)national photographers. Roy Kahmann, the owner of Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam, is the founder/curator of Haute Photographie and consequently, many artists represented by him are featured in this event. A few other galleries are present as well, together with independent photographers. Difficult to report here on so many artists, genres and styles. One spends some time there, browsing, negotiating steps in between a varied and colourful crowd in narrow corridors. An experience in itself. Photographs are generally of high quality, most artists are present and the focus is on selling. I particularly enjoyed the work of Ernst Yperlaan, and his haunted views of a completely empty Amsterdam, the portraits of Cooper Seykens, showing strong characters, the colourful Angola views of the French Laura Bonnefous, already noticed in a previous edition, or the monumental imaginary museum presented by Yani. I could have continued with many more artists and report on what I really did not like. Haute Photographie remains a high quality showcase of many talented artists, local or foreign. I am looking forward to the next edition, in Rotterdam, this coming winter.

Amsterdam ©Ernst Yperlaan
Zeedijk, Amsterdam, 2010 ©Ernst Yperlaan
La Stanza Intermedia, 2023 ©Yani
Il Dettaglio, 2023 ©Yani
Bolero, 2023 ©Cooper Seykens
Sterre, 2023 ©Cooper Seykens
Angola ©Laura Bonnefous
Angola ©Laura Bonnefous