Moroccan photography is alive and well. The Cobra museum demonstrates that fact in a wider exhibit of Moroccan art. Young and old photographers are present under the injonction “Photography, Now!”. Several artists are present, like Mous Lamrabat and his hilarious traditional lady  in pink with her eyes covered with less traditional glasses, khalil Nemmaoui and his structures, Daoud Aoulad-Syad who says “no”, Hassan Hajjaj – already spotted in Breda – with his flamboyant montages of patterns, colours and interesting characters, like this “Imaan in Da Shop”, or Rachid Ouettassi who shows Tangiers from yesterday and today. Across generations, the Moroccan photographers shed a indifferent light on their own culture and society. Not the postcard but a country well alive, full of contradictions, passion, noise and furor. A country torn between tradition and  modern life, between the past and the future, well anchored in today’s present. A particularly enjoyable experience and refreshing moment amongst these universes.

Mom sees Everything, 2019 ©Mous Lamrabat
Untitled, 2011 ©Khalil Nemmaoui
Untitled, 1986 ©Daoud Aoulad-Syad
Mohammed Choukri, 2001 ©Rachid Ouettassi
Imaan in Da Shop, 2021 ©Hassan Hajjaj
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