Another coup de ❤️ for the poignant photographs of Catherine Leroy and respect for the woman. She was a war photo reporter with an incredible story, forgotten for too long and far less recognised for her tremendous value than her male counterparts. Henri Huet, Larry Burrows, Don McCullin, Tim Page, Horst Faas or Gilles Caron have been long recognised internationally. Catherine has been somehow forgotten. Le Monde just wrote a long paper on her. A dotation Catherine Leroy is rehabilitating her work and life. The next step would be a book presenting and praising her work. “Une sacrée bonne femme”, as we say respectfully in French. She deserves the title of queen of photo journalism.

US navy Corpsman Vernon Wike by the side of a mortally injured Marine, Hill 881, April-May 1967 ©Dotation Catherine Leroy
Vietnam 1966-1968 ©Dotation Catherine Leroy
Under fire near the DMZ, a Marine holds a wounded comrade, Operation Prairie, 1967 ©Dotation Catherine Leroy
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