Three very different exhibits at Fotomuseum Den Haag: Richard Learoyd, known for his portraits of sad looking skinny ladies but much preferred for his black and white landscapes, “La Soupe de Daguerre” displaying some of the photographs owned by the museum and finally a small exhibit of early photographs, when “Photography becomes Art” exploring the history of this art with spectacular views taken in the XIXth century.

#3 July 2015 ©Richard Learoyd
Lanzarote ©Richard Learoyd
La soupe de Daguerre, 1975 ©Marcel Broodthaers
Red, yellow and blue candles, 1980 ©Iain Baxter
Anton, with text about his father, 1978 ©Anton Heyboer
Paleisstraat, Amsterdam, ca. 1935 ©Johan Huijsen
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