In the world of photography, tenderness is a delicate and powerful emotion to capture. It involves capturing moments of warmth, vulnerability, and affection that evoke a sense of intimacy and connection between subjects. Photographs that convey tenderness often have the ability to stir deep emotions within viewers and create a lasting impact. Whether it’s a loving gaze between a mother and child, a tender touch between partners, or a gentle interaction with nature, tenderness in photography can take various forms. The essence of tenderness lies in the subtleties – the softness of a smile, the warmth of a hug, or the gentle caress of a hand. A skilled photographer can seize these fleeting moments and freeze them in time, allowing viewers to experience the emotions that were present in that very moment. Such images have the power to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, touching the hearts of people from different backgrounds and experiences. This is what Liza Fetissova has achieved when putting together her exhibition under the title “Tenderness”. This exhibition is at her image: excentric, compassionate, caring, amazing, unexpected, sensitive, touching, a skilled observer, keenly attuned to the subtleties of human emotions and the natural world. Liza is bringing together, in Paris, the works of artists from varied backgrounds and through times, with a wide choice of photographic medium that can influence how tenderness is perceived. Black and white photography, with its timeless and classic appeal, can accentuate emotions and create a nostalgic or timeless quality in the image. On the other hand, color photography can amplify the emotional impact by using tones to evoke specific moods. From the works of Antanas Sutkus in the 60’s, the big discovery for me and subject of a future coup de coeur, to the works of Igor Savchenko and Igor Moukhin in the 90’s or of Sergei Maximishin and Evgeny Mokhorev in the early 2000’s to the more recent work of Danila Tkachenko and Igor Elukov in the last decennia. Liza offers a large tour d’horizon of talented artists, too long ignored or under represented.

Moscow 1996 ©Igor Moukhin
« Deer in a church» 2018 ©Igor Elukov
4-95-15 from the serie Commented Landscapes 1992 ©Igor Savchenko
Yasia in a white dress 2001©Evgeny Mokhorev
Samara Region, Russia 2013 ©Danila Tkachenko
A boy and a cat Grozny 2000 ©Sergey Maximishin
« Restauration » 1967 ©Antanas Sutkus