Since 1949, the Zilveren Camera is the Dutch price for photojournalism. The Hilversum museum gives a platform to show the winners of the last edition of 2021. We can admire on three levels the different categories rewarded: news, local and international, documentary, local and international, nature, sport, etc. A great show of various pictures, all united by a high level of photographic quality of the topics and themes displayed. A few highlights: the photo of minister Ollongren with the visible sheet of paper that fed the dutch political sphere for many months (Bart Maat, winner of the zilveren camera 2021, a gold medalist of sorts), the clear message of a demonstrator to the police operating a water cannon (Richard Mouw), the inhabitants of Staphorst, slightly disconnected from today’s world (Annie van Gemert) or the black and white pictures of Norbert Voskens. and many many more. A wonderful moment of photography, showing how varied this art can be.

A cup of coffee on the Museumplein, 2021 ©Norbert Voskens
Forbidden demonstration on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, 2021 ©Richard Mouw
Minister Kasja Ollongren, 2021 ©Bart Maat
Colourful Staphorst, 2021 ©Annie van Gemert
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