WWII ended 75 years ago. A commemoration of 5 years of occupation of The Netherlands in Europe and Asia led to the Dutch public selecting 100 photos to represent this painful part of history. The result is a stunning exhibit in black and white and colour at the small Amsterdam Verzetsmuseum (resistance museum). It tells about ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations, violence, destruction, misery, hunger, sorrows and, retrospectively, about the absurdity of it all when, 75 years on, we are all one and we don’t spend hours and days without crossing the path of peaceful German tourists enjoying the fresh air of the North Sea beaches.

Rotterdam bombed, South Holland, Rotterdam, 1940 ©W. van der Randen
Youth for National Socialism, Groningen, 26 July 1941 ©Noord-Nederlands Persfotobureau Folkers
Military character, Friesland near Wokum, May 1942 ©unknown Photographer
Walking, Utrecht, Nachtegaalstraat, 1942 ©Nico Jesse
Colourful liberation, North-Holland, Purmerend, 5 may 1945 ©Dirk Bakker
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