My knowledge of the Dutch culture expands daily with new discoveries, This time, I came across Dutch poet Lucebert, an artist, dubbed as “poet of the COBRA movement”, determining in the art movement of the fifties and also famous for the following verse “All things of value are helpless”, mounted, irony, on the roof of an Insurer in Rotterdam in the 1970’s. What I did not know, is that Lucebert, as a complete artist, was also an astute photographer. In honour of his 100th birthday (he was born in 1924 and died in 1994), Fotomuseum Den Haag has organised an exhibit showcasing his talent, mainly exercised in the 50’s and 60’s. Poetic photography, nostalgic pictures of the circus, intuitive shots (he was autodidact) breaking away from the conventions of the time. Lucebert was more attempting to capture the unspeakable, the untouchable, the indescribable. Enough food for thought for a pleasant experience, browsing through beautiful vintage black and white photographs of people, situations and places.

Fair, Bergen, The Netherlands, 1954-1955 ©Lucebert / Nederlands Fotomuseum
Untitled, North Holland, The Netherlands, 1956-1966 ©Lucebert / Nederlands Fotomuseum
Street Photographer, Bulgaria, 1955-1956 ©Lucebert / Nederlands Fotomuseum
Bever Circus, Twente, The Netherlands, 1956 ©Lucebert / Nederlands Fotomuseum
Untitled, North-Holland, The Netherlands, 1956-1966 ©Lucebert / Nederlands Fotomuseum
Untitled, Altea, Spain, 1973 ©Lucebert / Nederlands Fotomuseum
Untitled, Budapest, Hungary, 1956 ©Lucebert / Nederlands Fotomuseum