This is the third time that I visit an exhibition of photographs by Xu, Xiaoxiao. The first was in Breda, the second in Hilversum. This time, the photomuseum in The Hague presents a solo exhibition titled “Life along the Great Wall”.  With her keen eye for details and profound talent for storytelling, Xu, Xiaoxiao unveils a series of photographs that offer a unique glimpse into the lives of those who reside alongside one of the world’s most iconic structures. Xiaoxiao’s photographs capture the indomitable spirit of those living in its shadows, embodying the strength and unwavering determination that has sustained generations on the marshes of China. Xiaoxiao’s lens reveals a mosaic of vibrant cultures interwoven along the Great Wall. We witness a harmonious blend of traditional costumes and vibrant rituals with a touch of despair. These photographs serve as a powerful testament to the multicultural tapestry that has thrived alongside the ancient stones but give a sense of a nearby end, somehow, Through her exhibit “Life Along the Great Wall,” Xu, Xiaoxiao invites viewers to embark on a visual journey that transcends time and space. Her poignant photographs not only showcase the past magnificence of the Great Wall but also illuminate the human stories that unfold alongside this monumental structure. Xu, Xiaoxiao’s artistry captures the resilience, cultural diversity, and profound connections that breathe life into the ancient stones, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who encounter her remarkable work.

All photos ©Xu, Xiaoxiao