Contemplating Matthieu Ricard’s pictures is a Buddhist act in itself, like a moment of meditation. They provide calm, peace and a sentiment of wholeness. Matthieu Ricard, because of his position and his background, has a unique perspective on people and the planet. He probably fits in better than the average westerner in most places he visits. He is part of the landscape and can pretend to be invisible to the outside world, thereby snatching the most remarkable expressions from close by. Does he need a fixer? maybe not. His monk status gives him the aura and introduction most people won’t benefit when traveling overseas. The result? a collection of remarkable views on some of the most breathtaking places and people on the planet. His usual playground is high in the Himalayas, where no one goes. Over the years, he has assembled views of cultures and rites like no other. His eye is clearly generous and caring. His view on people loving and kind. One can clearly see how much he enjoys being there and witnessing these dances, events, large assemblies. The arch de la Défense gives him, in a peaceful place, high above the ground, remote from the rumors of the city, a large space to show his pictures, for our undivided attention and pleasure.

Monk dancers, Bhutan, 2007 ©Matthieu Ricard
Statue of Padmasambhava, Pemakö, 2020 ©Matthieu Ricard
Jetsun Jampa Chökyi (1922-2004), Darjeeling, 1978 ©Matthieu Ricard
Sacred Dance Festival, Bhutan, 2016 ©Matthieu Ricard
Forest of prayer flags, Thimphu, Bhutan, 1983 ©Matthieu Ricard
Young Tibetan, Eastern Tibet, 2004 ©Matthieu Ricard
Thai monks ©Matthieu Ricard