Salgado continues to present his monumental work to the French public, and the French public seems to like it. This time, the work turns into a master work. With Aqua Mater, mother water (but for me also “water matters”), he gives an overview of some of his work around the theme of water, from the Amazon to Iceland, the South pole and back. The setup is exceptional: A 1,000 square meter pavilion, inspired by the indigenous great malocas, made of Gadua bamboo, was built from scratch for the occasion on the overheated La Défense parvis, to host the exhibition. The result is an area of enchanted calm, freshness, dimmed light, bathed in water-inspired music. The lighting on the pictures is phenomenal and highlights each scenery displayed. Salgado benefits an extraordinary logistics. Often taken from heights, an airplane, a helicopter, a balloon, his photographs embrace a large area of space, often unreachable on foot for the normal person. He seems to rule over clouds to make them appear majestic and threatening. As a demiurge, he organizes people and animals, nature itself, to fit his desires. I must say the result is stunning. Despite critics that he is too commercial, too predictable, too well polished, too perfect, his photographs remain for me an enchantment for the eyes and the soul and one leaves this place rested and calm, with lasting impressions of the vistas revealed by Salgado.

The Ichun-Prarata waterfalls, Venezuela, 2006 ©Sebastião Salgado
Fishing in the river Jukiki with Timbó, Suruwaha Indigenous Territory, Amazonas State, Brazil, 2017 ©Sebastião Salgado
Cotabota, Mindanao Island, Philippines, 1999 ©Sebastião Salgado
Kafue National Park, Zambia, 2010 ©Sebastião Salgado
Amazonas State, Brazil, 2019 ©Sebastião Salgado
Sassoon Docks, Mumbai, India , 1995 ©Sebastião Salgado