The Dutch photographer Dagmar van Weeghel is central in the Alexine Tinne exhibition at The Hague Historical Museum. She revisited Tinne’s travels with her own work and her master photographs are also exposed, alongside those of Tinne. This work, in collaboration with the Hague Historical Museum and Leiden University echoes the life of Alexine Tinne, and one wonders, at times, who the true star of the exhibit really is. The photographs taken in Tinne’s home in The Hague are mesmerising. Dagmar managed to make us feel her presence beyond time, the soft rustle of the fabric of her dress when she passed upstairs or just nearby, the breath of a phantom… Dagmar reenacted old photographs and paintings of Tinne with a model. Again, Tinne’s presence is tangible, through the magic of Dagmar. Furthermore, in the spirit of Tinne’s travels, Dagmar invites us to meet beautiful people, similar to those Tinne’s encountered during her travels. The result is a series of stunning portraits of beautiful contemporary people living in The Netherlands but with a strong link to their roots. A remarkable enriching encounter.

In her Spirit I, 2019 © Dagmar van Weeghel
In her Spirit II, 2019 © Dagmar van Weeghel
After a painting of Alexine Tinne by Auguste d’Ainecy © Dagmar van Weeghel
Esther, 2021 © Dagmar van Weeghel
Shams, 2021 © Dagmar van Weeghel
Adam, 2016 © Dagmar van Weeghel
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