When I saw the announcement for the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, I did not know what to think… What is affordable? What is art? anyways. The venue was the same as two years ago, before COVID. A large exhibition hall in the north of Amsterdam, full of galleries from all over Europe. “Affordable art” is thus a vague notion, resulting in a large offering of things, going from the ugly, to the unusual, to the okay, to the beautiful, to the sublime. I naturally focused on the photo offering and found several jewels in disguise, resulting in many coups de ❤️. I loved for instance the beautiful portrait of this old woman titled Namasté, or the shaman contacting his spirit animal by the same photographer, Marie van der Heijden. I also enjoyed Yvonne Michiels‘s fascinating dolls, The visits to beautiful empty spaces, left overs from past splendour, by two different artists, Matthias Haker and Daan Oude Elferink, following parallel paths, the monks in the snow by Jeremy Hunter and the outrageously dressed nun (only showing the decent part here) of Cécile Plaisance. There were many more photographs represented, for the pleasure of the eyes, making a stroll through the stands worth the journey.

Walker between Worlds ©Marie van der Heijden
Namasté ©Marie van der Heijden
Ancient History ©Daan Oude Elferink
Ancient Green ©Daan Oude Elferink
Li-An ©Yvonne Michiels
Coco ©Yvonne Michiels
Monks await Living Buddha ©Jeremy Hunter
©Matthias Haker
Alex Nun Miroir, 2021 ©Cécile Plaisance
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