Alongside his hymn to the yéyé years, Jean-Marie Périer, who settled in the region, has taken the time to document the people from here “les gens d’ici”.  The anonymous you meet everyday on the market, at the butcher or the baker. Those people that make the territory between Villefranche de Rouergue and Villeneuve genuinely unique. The people of Aveyron, most of which were born and raised here and who work to make a living in their village or town. The result is a lovely gallery of portraits from the none strangely associated to Jacques Dutronc, to Mr Condamines presenting his cheeses on his chest or Mr Gardelle rocking his baguette like a baby. The yéyés are far and the people from here more real and important than ever.

Mère Marguerite Dutronc ©Jean-Marie Périer
Ludovic Condamines ©Jean-Marie Périer
Mme Brass ©Jean-Marie Périer
Les Lagarrigue ©Jean-Marie Périer
Pierre Gardelle ©Jean-Marie Périer