Sir Winston Churchill had nothing to offer to the British people but “blood, toil, tears and sweat” in a famous speech in 1940. Thats’s about what you get at each new edition of the WorldPress Photo festival in Amsterdam. It seems mankind is destined to suffer, to bleed, to cry and to sweat, over and over again. This suffering is also what gives the best pictures. The 2021 edition is no different, spanning from the absurd short war for Nagorno-Karabakh, to the massive ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut, to the demonstrations for freedom in Peru, to nature playing its own part in The Philippines. And if people live in peace, they just accumulate absurd numbers of firearms for an hypothetical protection against bad guys. There will be enough suffering to renew this yearly event for many years to come. We cannot complain as the best photojournalists will be there to give us touching, moving pictures of the human suffering.

Soldat resting in a trench, Nerkin Khndzoresk, Armenia ©Vaghinak Ghazaryan
©Valery Melnikov
©Valery Melnikov
Men direct a helicopter to drop water on the site of the explosion, 4th August ©Lorenzo Tugnoli
©Lorenzo Tugnoli
An injured man stands near the site of the explosion ©Lorenzo Tugnoli
Police forms a blockade to prevent the protesters from reaching the Peruvian Congress building in Lima, 12 November ©Ernesto Benavides
Trees stand covered in volcanic ash, near Tall Volcano, 14 January ©Ezra Acayan
Torrell Jasper (35) in the backyard of his house in Schriever, La ©Gabriele Galimberti
Parker Fawbush and family, in the backyard of the church where he works as a pastor, in Poseyville, In ©Gabriele Galimberti
Robert Baldwin Jr stands in his secret gunroom, behind a one-way mirror in his home ©Gabriele Galimberti
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