The Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam is the yearly rendez-vous for art lovers of all sorts, from top notch connoisseurs ready to spend tons of money to enlightened amateurs looking for a good deal to just by-standers and young parents on an early morning leisurely stroll. The spectacle is as much on the picture rails as in the alleys of the location in Amsterdam-Noord. There is Art for all tastes to look at, admire, despise and possibly buy. I focused mainly on the photographs and found, like always, a few jewels. I particularly enjoyed the troubling portraits and body accumulations of Nanda Hagenaars (gallery Mick) and dwelled, as requested by the artist, upon the pictures of Joost Wensveen (Warnar and Warnar Art dealers) and not give in to the desire to simply swipe to the next. I finally spent some more times on the beautiful stand of “The Route Photography” Gallery, presenting remarkable photographers like Erdal Kinaci or Tahir Özgür that I decided to single out, among many more of high quality. I did not buy anything but could have easily indulged on many pieces, if I had extensive wall surface to cover with photographs. Or maybe it is soon time to invest in one of these remarkable Ionnyk digital art frame systems allowing a renewed bluffing experience of marvelous black and white photography.

Fly Away ©Joost Wensveen
In the Sea ©Erdal Kinaci
Jaipur’s Women ©Tahir Özgür
Perspective ©Nanda Hagenaars