One can legitimately ask for what purpose the Senate exists. The higher chamber has a reputation of obscure work by well off and well fed older gentlemen discussing laws in comfortable arm chairs or around well served tables during endless lunches and dinners. The Luxembourg gardens were a wonderful place to be, this Saturday morning, while waiting for good friends and enjoying the November abundant sun and the numerous children cheering their sail boats navigating the basin. Gérard Larcher, #2 in the State hierarchy as President of the Senate is the master of the place. He introduced the currently shown exhibit surrounding the park “Terres Celtes“. From Brittany to Ireland and Scotland, French photographer Philippe Decressac brought back stunning pictures of rugged coasts, large skies, furious seas and enduring nature. A wonderful contrasts with the quiet arrangement of chairs and flower bushes of the gardens.

Irish nostalgia ©Philippe Decressac
Coup de cœur de Sarah Bernhardt !, Belle Ile en Mer ©Philippe Decressac
Petit phare de point of Ayre Winkie, Isle of Man ©Philippe Decressac
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