Johan van der Keuken was inspired by others. He mentioned studying Henri Cartier-Bresson throughout. Some of his friends were present in the large retrospective given by the Nederlands Fotomuseum, providing the viewer with an insight in his inspiration, allowing us to better understand his work. A pleasure to see works by Cartier-Bresson, Emmy Andriesse or Eddy Posthuma de Boer, alongside the large selection of van der Keuken’s photographs.

Valencia, Spain, 1933 ©Henri Cartier-Bresson – Collection FOMU
Juliette Gréco, 1949 ©Emmy Andriesse – Collection FOMU
Mali, Mopti, Mosque 1971 ©Eddy Posthuma de Boer – Collection Nederlands Fotomuseum

©Ad van Denderen