We were fortunate enough to catch the very last day of a tremendous exhibition of the work of Marc Riboud in the no less fantastic musée Guimet. Riboud gave his oeuvre to the museum and as an homage, the museum organised a grand retrospective of his work. And grand it is! With an impossible title “Histoires Possibles”, we go back to the early 50’s in Lyon where Marc was born, to Paris and his painter of the Eiffel tower, before starting with him his grand tour of Asia, through Afghanistan, India, China and Japan. A delight for the eyes. a marvellous display of his prints with an impeccable lighting. Marc Riboud’s most well known photographs are on display of course but i chose but a few of some that are possibly less known but significant of his eye: humour with a profound respect for the people he met and a humanistic view of his contemporaries.

Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, 1955 ©Marc Riboud
The Dhotti, on the shores of the Ganges in Benares, India, 1956 ©Marc Riboud
Darjeeling, India, 1956 ©Marc Riboud
Shanghai Ballet Dancer, 1971 ©Marc Riboud
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