Diving into the Amazônia of Sebastião Salgado and Jean-Michel Jarre at the Philarmonie de Paris today. As always with Salgado, it is with an overwhelming wealth (200) of huge incredible, almost unreal, black and white photographs that Salgado welcomes us into “his” Amazônia. This time, he has teamed up with Jean-Michel Jarre who delivers music on par with the majestic landscapes. Breathtaking images taken from impossible positions, heavenly skies, massive clouds, infinite meanders of waters crisscrossing the horizon, flying rivers at a continental scale. It is gorgeous, it is fantastic, it is incredible. But, what makes this exhibit uniquely touching is not the trees, the mountains, the river or even the impeccable, almost too perfect, technique (with no doubts, unique means) but rather the people, the inhabitants of the forest, yet another endangered species. We meet Adriele da Silva André Macuxi, Typaramatxia Awá, Bela Yawanawá, Sína, the family of Gabriel and many others, and with Salgado,while they stare back at us, we all wonder what the future will bring to these people. 

Mariud Archipelago, Middle Negro River, State of Amazonas, 2019 ©Sebastião Salgado
Gabriel and other members of the Suruwahá, Suruwahá Indigenous Territory, State of Amazonas, 2017 ©Sebastião Salgado
Sína, Village of Maronal, Valley of Javari, Marubo Indigenous Territory, State of Amazonas, 2018 ©Sebastião Salgado
Bela Yawanawá, Rio Gregório Indigenous Territory, State of Acre, 2016 ©Sebastião Salgado
Adriele da Silva André Macuxi, Raposa-Serra do Sol Macuxi Indigenous Territory, State of Roraima, 1998 ©Sebastião Salgado
Typaramatxia Awá and Kiripy-tan, Awá-Guajá Indigenous Territory, State of Maranhão, 2013 ©Sebastião Salgado
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