To finish this fruitful day, a small stop for a glass of champagne at the posh Christie’s gallery in Paris. We were not on the list of guests but made our way into the inner sanctum, shoulder to shoulder with the happy few, capable of purchasing 30,000€ to 80,000€ pictures for their loft in the 16eme arrondissement… or simply there because they knew someone who knew someone, and the champagne was free of charge. In any case, some very nice art work was for sale the next day, and exhibited publicly, before disappearing for ever in the collection of some private collector. I particularly enjoyed being confronted again with a large piece by Edward Burtynsky, already seen in Singapore, the girl with a shopping bag on her head by Hendrik Kerstens or the homage to Marc Riboud with “Mathilde on the Eiffel Tower” by Peter Lindbergh, alongside the original or “the Wild Ones” by the same Lindbergh.

Colorado River Delta #2, Near San Felipe, Baja, Mexico, 2011 ©Edward Burtynsky
Mathilde on the Eiffel Tower (Homage to Marc Riboud), Paris, 1989 ©Peter Lindbergh
The Eiffel Tower painter, 1953 ©Marc Riboud
The Wild Ones 1991 ©Peter Lindbergh
Shopping Bag, 2008 ©Hendrik Kerstens
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