We are all imperfect and finite. The thing is: how do you come to terms with it? The sooner the better, as then, you can live the rest of your life free of this search. For most, it comes later in life as a revelation. Artists have sought perfection in their art, the lines, the palet of colours, the plastic of a body, a rendition of reality. Some are working their creation over and over again, until their view of perfection is achieved. Some have come to terms with imperfection, have accepted it to the point of beautifying it, on canvas, in objects or on photographs. The Japanese have theorized it with their concept of wabi-sabi. Japanmuseum SieboldHuis in Leiden gives a broad exhibition of the concept with more than one hundred pieces presented by Japanese and international artists using different media like photography and ceramics. A wonderful journey through transience and imperfection is offered to the discerning contemporary visitor always caught in his/her day-to-day activities between the speed and the “always more” of our society. A refreshing haven of peace.

Ivy and Wood, 2017 ©Horie Mika
SOU, 2012 ©Kobayashi Nobuyuki
ReCollection, 2022 ©Casper Faassen
The Mouth of Krishna, 2016 ©Albarrán Cabrera

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